StarFox Adventures


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Nintendo and Rare Ltd. join forces to bring Fox McCloud and friends to NINTENDO GAMECUBE. Eight years after the defeat of Andross, the Star Fox team discovers a beautiful prehistoric planet ruled by a sinister tyrant known as General Scales. Players take charge of Star Fox team leader Fox McCloud to free inhabitants from Scales's evil clutches and restore peace to the primal paradise.

  • Step out of Fox's Arwing and explore a vast, 3-D world lush in forestry, animals, puzzles and adventure.
  • Learn the secrets of a mystical staff to fend off enemies and use it to cast a variety of spells.
  • Battle enemies without skipping a beat with the game's intuitive targeting system that locks combat action.
  • Traverse land and water or fight through space using Fox's trusty Arwing fighter.
  • Build clever strategies to defeat huge boss enemies.
  • Witness technologically advanced graphics with Rare's fur-rendering techniques and lavish effects including shimmering water, real-time lighting, depth-of-field blurring and a sophisticated facial animation system.
  • Enjoy in-depth, life-like voice-overs and an atmospheric musical score that enhance this whimsical story.
Release date:
Monday, 23 September 2002
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